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Ready for ISO 20022?

ISO 20022 is now imminent, with a go-live in just ten days. Are you ready for this essential transformational change?

After the delayed November 2022 launch date for ISO 20022, the new date of this new standard in financial messages is looming. March 20, 2023, is the new go-live date for ISO 20022.

There has been much noise in the banking sector about ISO 20022. However, the question remains, is the industry ready for this redefinition of messaging in the payments ecosystem? An investigation paper from Celent has found that 63% of large banks believe they will be prepared by November 2025. However, 25% say they will need help to meet the deadline or rely on available stop-gap measures. Even more worrying, only 3% of corporates expect banks to be 100% ready.

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