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The Crescite Community

The Crescite community is the collection of people and organizations using or supporting the Crescite token. Basically, the Crescite community is CresciteDAO. This can range from early adopters to the Crescite Foundation employees to Crescite token holders, the Crescite community.

There are multiple avenues for access to the Crescite Community including but not limited to:

• Non-fungible Token Asset Purchases:
-Crescite will release collections of NFTs focused on religious figures and the individualization of humanity through a model of Cura Personalis. The Latin phrase meaning “Care for the Whole Person” promotes human dignity along with care for the mind, body, and spirit.

• Partnerships
-In partnering with the Crescite community, each organization will receive a governance token. Our tokenomics allocate 2 billion governance tokens for our partnerships

-As an example, we can partner with a local nonprofit focused on St. Padre Pio artifacts and NFT those assets for purchase to the public. A governance token will be gifted to our partner organization.

-Another use case would be an organization investing into clean drinking water projects. As part of creating a security token for ESG investments, we would create a model for it.

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