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The Crescite Foundation

The Crescite Foundation is a formal organization created to steward the Crescite protocol in the early years until all Crescite governance token holders are ready to take on the entirety of the protocol.

The foundation is restricted from voting in CresciteDAO governance. The foundation is responsible for regular updates on all our progress toward decentralization. The foundation will dissolve once the CresciteDAO becomes self-sustainable and reaches full decentralization.

The foundation is tasked with bootstrapping the Crescite system to ensure that we can survive as a fully decentralized organization. The Crescite Foundation hires people to create and implement strategies to manage the development toward full decentralization.

The Crescite Foundation is temporary until we reach our goals of decentralization. Once our goals are met, the Crescite Foundation will dissolve entirely.

The structure ushers in a transparent, streamlined operational mechanism for construction of a fully decentralized autonomous organization to the full satisfaction of the community.

The foundation will oversee the project’s development and funding to ensure decentralization is achievable.

The primary areas of focus for the Crescite Foundation are:

--System Development--
• The Crescite community is tasked with governance elements of the protocol including but not limited to:
- Synthetic Assets
- Governance user interface
- Governance UI for community access and a seamless UI experience for all Crescite Token Holders
- Leveraged token

--Educating regulatory agencies--
• Informing members of government in various locations about the Crescite Protocol

--Human Rate of Return (HRR)--
• A reimagined educational assessment developed with open-source Artificial Intelligence technology. The assessment was trademarked in 2017 through the Crescite Co-founder, Edward Cullen.

--Gradual Decentralization--
• The Crescite Foundation will drive Crescite toward an increased decentralization with every action working toward community control and eliminating single points of failure.

--Development Fund--
• 800 million governance tokens will be allocated to the creation of the Crescite Foundation Development Fund, which is 2% of our total supply of tokens from the Ecosystem Expansion. Once the Crescite Foundation is dissolved, the remaining unused tokens will be returned to CresciteDAO.

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