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The Crescite Foundation Proposal

The first Crescite Token holder vote will occur in the fall 2022. The first step on the journey toward decentralization will be the full approval of the Crescite Foundation Proposal Version one

All Crescite Community members should read our four core principles of the Crescite Governance philosophy carefully.

The Crescite Foundation Team will make iterations on the Foundation proposal based on polling and feedback via the Crescite Voting Mechanisms. Our first vote will approve the first collection of core documentation.

1. Scientific Governance

The Crescite Governance framework is built on a meticulously vetted model created through experts in the space of blockchain, artificial intelligence, ESG investing, faith-based initiatives,

• Governance Proposals: These are polling votes to understand community sentiment as we develop and create specific models or data mechanisms
• Executive Proposals: These executive votes will be occur once a quarter ratifying and accepting governance proposals set up through the community.

This two-prong scientific governance mechanisms allows for continual debate among the community in order to reach consensus and achieve a truly decentralized agreement on a forward-looking approach. The underlying reasons, theories, data, and technical implementations will be more effective through polling rather than a straight executive vote.

The allocated 800 million governance tokens will have NO voting rights and no special powers to arbitrarily avoid conflicts of interests. The Crescite foundation is merely the meeting point for evidence-based, provable, deliberative arguments.

2. Social Justice Through Sustainable Finance

The Crescite Community looks to achieve “Triple Bottom Line” returns focusing on a global financial ecosystem to work for everyone. Each Crescite project and governance vote will have an element of Impact Investment Economics associated with it to ensure a sustainable social impact.

The growth and adoption of the Crescite token can enrich the global marketplace of ESG investing. The reduction of inefficiencies in the global economy will bring to light a closer and more unified world.

Our non-fungible token collections will only highlight faith-based human beings and religious related artifacts while our security tokens focus exclusively on large scale ESG investments that are centric to sustainable development goals.

The Crescite project keeps the principles of sustainable finance as a foundational element to have significant impact on global capital and therefor a crucial pillar for the Crescite Foundation.

3. Modernized Assessment of Human Impact on Society
The Human Rate of Return is a proprietary assessment methodology objectively measuring a student’s performance. For high school, college, and professional students, we are measuring the same creative and innovative performance, yet yielding varying outcomes specific to the individual.

The Human Rate of Return is important in evaluating the assessment of our learner through the five stages of the proprietary pedagogical framework.

4. Adopting Crescite

The Crescite Foundations facilitates user growth, business adoption, and dapp integration. The Crescite Foundation is committed to promoting the adoption of Crescite at a global scale.

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