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The Crescite Token: Governance

The Crescite Governance Token is an XRC-20 Token.

Crescite Token holders will enjoy:

• Voting on Crescite Governance
The future of Crescite is at the hands of our Crescite Token holders

• Early Access to NFT Auctions of Premier Faith-Based Items
This can range from drawings of Saints to private tours of ancient libraries. As a Crescite Governance Token holder, you will get an opportunity to purchase rare NFTs before the general public.

• VIP Access to online and in-person events
Token holders will get an opportunity to attend real life meetups and parties with the most influential people in the world. As a token holder, you will get VIP access to these events. Crescite Token Holders will have exclusive access to Crescite events.

•Exclusive deals with Crescite partner brands
Discounted deals and merchandise as it relates to partner brands.

• Unlock exclusive channels in the Discord server

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