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Tokenomics Breakdown

Pre-Sale #1: 2.5%
Pre-Sale #2: 2.5%
Token Generation Event: 2.50%
Ecosystem Expansion: 5.00%
Educational Partnerships: 6.50%
Staking Rewards: 33%
Team: 18%
Reserves (5-year lock): 15%
Foundation Endowment (5-year lock): 15%

1. Pre-Sale #1 – 2.5%

Our pre-sale #1 is designed for our earliest participants. In order to provide community engagement and grow the community organically, we have the tokens on a 1-year cliff with an 18-month vesting schedule.

2. Pre-Sale #2 – 2.5%

Our pre-sale #2 is designed for our early participants following pre-sale #1. In order to provide community engagement and grow the community organically, we have the tokens on a 1-year cliff with an 18-month vesting schedule.

3. Token Generation Event – 2.50%

At the time of the Token Generation Event (TGE), we will be releasing 1 billion tokens. Our launch date is Christmas Day 2022, celebrating the birth of Christ and the birth of Crescite.

4. Ecosystem Expansion – 5.00%

Ecosystem Expansions relies on promoting the ecosystem for further benefit. These tokens are reserved for blockchain subject matter experts, advisors, and organizations will provide thought leadership to the Crescite Community. For example, we may allocate tokens to an agriculture expert
to provide insight into the tokenization of digital assets in supply chain farming or even a real estate token expert to
further expand our reach as a community. Ecosystem expansion tokens are limited to a max of 50 million tokens per year over a 40-year period totaling 2 billion.

For 40 years, the Israelites wandered in the wilderness before arriving at the Promised Land (Numbers 32:13). The time of 40 years represents a generation in the Bible and we believe in our ecosystem expanding over 40-years.

5. Educational Partnerships – 6.50%

The founders are big supporters of education. In having been Jesuit educated, the context in which we provide education on Web 3.0 is important. From educating universities about potential blockchain use cases to working with charities focused on computer science in emerging markets, such as Africa, we see our educational partnerships as a pathway to make the world better through altruistic, yet impactful education.

In the future, we see educational partnerships as an opportunity to build blockchain computer science institutions on a global scale and allow for tokens to fund educational opportunities for low-income families. We believe everyone has a right
to an education if they work hard even if someone faces financial hardship.

Our educational partnerships will be released on a 50-year supply schedule with 52 million tokens released every year for educational partnerships.

Crescite comes from the book of Genesis meaning “To Increase” and the book of Genesis has 50 chapters. We believe each year will be a global chapter of education for Web 3.0 led through the efforts of the Crescite Community.

6. Staking Rewards – 33%

Our staking rewards are critical to the overall structure and functionality of the Crescite protocol network and allow for community members to help grow the ecosystem.

7. Team – 18%

Our team tokens provide an opportunity for Crescite to hire the best talent on a global scale to further our mission of creating a better world rooted in ESG investments.
We believe our team with experience in breaking regulatory glass ceilings for
electronic trading to working with higher education institutions and even a “Knight of the Pope” allows us to expand the Crescite ecosystem as needed.

We expect to onboard thousands of collaborators through our team token allocation over a 30-year period allowing for global expansion within the Crescite ecosystem.

8. Reserves – 15%

Our reserves are controlled through our community. These tokens will be placed on a 5-year lock and can only be used via a community vote. We firmly believe having reserves in place without the certainty needed from the United States market provides the community with the flexibility to act as needed. This could be potential votes on extending staking rewards or
perhaps there is a water infrastructure crisis in 20-years need to unlock more tokens for the capitalization of that project. Our faith provides us with a positive blueprint on how to treat people and we feel these reserves allow the community to vote as needed for prosperity.

9. Foundation Endowment – 15%

We believe creating a Foundation Endowment of tokens for future use is important. The foundation tokens will remain on a 5-year lock and completely controlled through community vote. We want to set the Crescite community up for success through allowing a Foundation to potentially grow over time.

As regulatory regimes change in the future, the community can potentially leverage the Crescite Tokens to greatly impact the world. Crescite plans to be a leader in helping provide regulatory clarity for the Web 3.0 space and beyond. As such, our community can vote on leveraging a significant portion of the total supply as they see fit to provide a great impact.

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